RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

KFUO news and information is available through RSS feeds, which use a technology called XML to deliver headlines and summaries to your desktop or Web browser. To use RSS, copy the feed address and paste it into an RSS news reader or use a browser which supports RSS feeds such as Safari, FireFox or IE7.

Concord Matters
A round table discussion about the Lutheran Confessions. (55 Min) | 56 MB MP3
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Cross Defense
A program of Christian Apologetics which strives to answer the hard questions that skeptics may ask concerning the Christian faith.
(55 Min) | 56 MB MP3
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Teaching families to keep faith first in this fast paced world. (55 Min) | 56 MB MP3
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Free To Be Faithful
Learn about current events that impact our faith.  (25 Min) | 26 MB MP3
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His Time Morning Show
Start your day by sanctifying it with the Word of God and prayer
. (Time Varies) | Varies MB MP3
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Law and Gospel
User comments and discussions. (25 Min) | 26 MB MP3
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Let’s Talk! The Pastor Is In
Listener questions answered by guest pastors. (55 Min) | 56 MB MP3
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Moments of Assurance – Sunday Edition
Meditate on the Word of God proclaimed by Rev. Mark Hawkinson. (15 Min) | 14 MB MP3
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Morning Prayer Sermonette
Hear a meditation on the day’s New Testament reading from a guest pastor
. (Time Varies) | Varies MB MP3
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News Breaks
Stay informed with the latest web specials and breaking news.
 (Time Varies) | Varies MB MP3
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Prayer, Meditation, and growth. With host Rev. Jonathan Fisk
. (Time Varies) | Varies MB MP3
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Sharper Iron
Sharpen your mettle against the Word of God. Bible studies with guest pastors and Rev. Jonathan Fisk
. (54 Min) | 56 MB MP3
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St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Des Peres – Bible Study
Listen to Dr. Jeff Kloha lead Bible Study at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Des Peres, Missouri, each Sunday. (55 Min) | 56 MB MP3
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The Student Union
Explore the issues that college students face. (24 Min) | 26 MB MP3
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Thy Strong Word
Interactive theological talk on books of the Bible. (55 Min) | 56 MB MP3
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World Lutheran News Digest
Religious News. (24 Min) | 26 MB MP3
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Wrestling With the Basics
Entertaining Bible Study for all ages. (24 Min) | 26 MB MP3
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  • Awasu — Windows; free for personal use
  • Bloglines — Web-based news aggregator; free
  • FeedDemon — Windows; commercial software, trial available
  • Feedreader — Windows (open source); freeware
  • Google Reader — Web-based news aggregator; free
  • My Yahoo! — Web-based news aggregator; free
  • NetNewsWire — Mac OS X; commercial software, free lite version and trial available
  • NewsFire — Mac OS X; commercial software, trial available
  • Rocket RSS Reader — Web-based RSS reader; free
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