New Program Announcement! “Let’s Talk! The Pastor Is In”

Let's Talk Feb '17Worldwide KFUO debuts a new program March 3 titled “Let’s Talk! The Pastor Is In.”

This program is for lay people with no special religious education who, while they believe, still have questions and seek guidance. They need answers in language they can understand. Imagine sitting on your front porch and having a casual discussion with your pastor. The conversation might be explaining parts of doctrine, like the nature of original sin, or it might be more personal, such as coping with a gay child. Each program features a guest pastor and is hosted by Kip Allen, himself a layman with many of the same questions.

We welcome listeners to submit questions via email at

“Let’s Talk!” isn’t about preaching; it’s about conversation, just you and your pastor on the front porch. So, pull up a chair, grab your favorite Lutheran beverage and join us every Friday from 2-3 p.m.  on Worldwide KFUO. Listen online at and “Let’s Talk! The Pastor Is In.”