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Guest Jennifer Hamer, Chaplain’s Wife, Group Fitness Instructor, Command Fitness (CFL) Instructor at Naval Air Station Lemoore Gym & Fitness Center and Ombudsman at Naval Air Station Lemoore in Lemoore Station, California. Jennifer shares insights into overcoming common unhealthy temptations during the holiday season, like avoiding the extra ten Christmas cookies or politely declining taking home the extra wine. She also talks about the importance of setting goals, being accountable, and practicing self control (yes, even during the holidays).

Jennifer’s Top Twelve Tips:

  • Always get your doctor’s approval before starting any program
  • Safety First. Never drink and drive.
  • Food is your fuel! You are what you eat.
  • Make up your mind before you go to a party what your plan will be.
  • Shop fresh foods around the perimeter of the grocery store.
  • Find what you like, whether food or exercise.
  • Fit in exercise where you can.
  • Do challenges to make it more fun and competitive.
  • Try shorter, more intense workouts.
  • Dance around the house, use music to complete your strength workout.
  • Why wait until the New Year? Start now!
  • Make social occasions an opportunity for activity!

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