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Guest Meagan WeberAnd Then There Were None spokeswoman and client manager, joins us to talk about this wonderful organization and how it helps abortion workers leave the industry. Watch their video below and learn more about the organzation at

And Then There Were None

Since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, nearly 60 million pregnancies have been ended. Abortion takes a terrible toll. A child is always lost, and a woman is left knowing that she literally threw away her baby. A family will never know the child. Society will never benefit from what the child might have become. But there are other victims as well, victims we often don’t think about when discussing abortion’s toll: the abortion workers themselves. Just imagine working in that industry, seeing daily what it does, watching the lives lost and ruined. In 2009, a Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson cried, “Enough!” and she quit. She started the organization “And Then There Were None,” which reaches out to other abortion workers to help them leave the abortion industry.

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