Faith & Family – The Tribble with Harvey: When Your Baby and a Hurricane are Due the Same Day


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Guest Landrie Tribble, a new mother in Texas, shares her story of the coincidental timing of the arrival of a hurricane and her first child. We’ve heard the reports from friends and family in the coastal areas of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Some of the communities recently affected by the hurricanes are far enough from the coast that the potential threat of a hurricane is generally minimal. Immense amounts of rain led to unexpected flooding creating emergencies and disaster beyond the typical rainy season, creek-rising-in-your-backyard type of floods. Imagine yourself as a young couple, happily settled in your home in a neighborhood where were you might occasionally see the creek in your back yard overflow its banks once every other year. Now imagine your family growing and the due date for the birth of that newest family member coinciding with the expected landfall of a major hurricane. That’s the story of Landrie and Jason Tribble.

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