World Lutheran News Digest – Playgrounds and Religious Freedom in the Supreme Court


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Guest Michael P. Farris, president of Alliance Defending Freedom, discusses the implications of the Supreme Court case Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer. On June 26, 2017, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of Trinity Lutheran in what is being called a landmark religious freedom case. In 2012, Trinity Lutheran applied for a grant with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources that would allow reimbursement for resurfacing their playground, which was open to the public, with recycled tires. Despite being ranked 5th out of 44 applicants for 14 available grants, Trinity was disqualified for the grant solely because the playground is owned by a religious organization. Alliance Defending Freedom sued on behalf of Trinity, and after losing the case in district court and appeal, the Supreme Court was asked to hear the case. Learn more about this case at

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