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Rev. Mark Wood, Director of Witness and Outreach for the LCMS Office of National Mission, and Aimee Ballans, mother of two children as well as National Board Certified educator and Supervisor of Performance Evaluation for a large school district in Florida, discuss issues surrounding Christian children attending public schools. Rev. Wood and Aimee talk about how to talk to your children about being in a public school, how to prepare your children for potential conversations that could occur at school, and how to approach anti-Christian teachings and policies. An important thing to remember is to not demonize public schools, but to view situations in a positive light and an opportunity to witness to other children, parents, and teachers. Witnessing opportunities for children often happen organically, and parents can encourage their children to live confidently as Christians and talk to their children about ways to speak about Jesus to their friends.

Today’s program is an encore from September 13, 2016.

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