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adulting Kids ChurchYoung adults frequently use the term #adulting on social media to celebrate their victories as they move from being children in their parents’ household into being independent functioning adults. As young adults mature in this age of technology and our private lives displayed on social media, how do these young people cope? Who do they turn to for help? How do they even know how to ask for help? How can the church help these young people mature? We answer those questions today with guests Shelly Schwalm and Paige Edgington and cover additional aspects of #adulting tomorrow.

In our first segment, guest Shelly Schwalm, University Ministry Associate at Concordia St. Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota, talks about how young adults these days learn to cope, survive, and get by as they move through college and into their first career. Young people share their #adulting successes on social media and crowdsource insight and opinions from their peers or organizations. Shelly also suggests strategies for young adults to find trusted mentors and build healthy relationships to help them be successful in adult lives.

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In our second segment, guest Paige Edgington, Director of Campus Outreach at Lutheran Student Center at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, talks about how the relationship between young adults and the church changes as young adults transition into being independent adults. Young adults that move away to college and then move again for a new job face another transition – church. It’s hard for these young adults to keep continuity in faith life and stay connected to the church as they make these transitions. Paige talks about how churches can help make these transitions easier and also how students can be successfully stay connected to the church in this time in their life.

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