About Andy Bates

Andy Bates, Director of Programming, began his broadcasting career in 1993 at a small station in Park Hills, MO. Andy earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication/theatre with a minor in theology at Concordia University Chicago. He also earned a Master of Arts in Religion and a Director of Christian Education (DCE) certificate. He has served in parish education, youth and family ministry, outdoor ministry and higher education. Andy joined the KFUO staff as producer and host of Faith & Family in 2013. Andy and his wife, Lauren, who is also a DCE, are the proud parents of Oscar.

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Missionary Family St-Onge

Faith & Family – Rev. Charles and Deborah St-Onge, Missionary Family

With guest Rev. Charles St-Onge.

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Faith’n’Family – Coping with Loss in Miscarriage

With guests Toni Larson and Rev. Steven Cholak.

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Teach Child to Say No

Faith’n’Family – Teach Your Child to Say No

With guest Dr. Alma Golden.

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Less Is More

Faith’n’Family – Why Less is More

With guest Jackie Meyer

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Responsible Teenagers

Faith’n’Family – Raising Responsible Teens

With guest Amy Carney

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Sing Together

Faith’n’Family – Building a Strong and Faithful Family: Singing Together

With guest Rev. Phil Hoppe

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Lay Bible Institute

Faith’n’Family – Theological Topics in a Scientific Age

With guest Rev. Dr. Joel Okamoto

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Alvina Federwitz - Liberia

Faith’n’Family – A 42-Year Mission, Alvina Federwitz, Lutheran Bible Translators (Rebroadcast)

Alvina Federwitz and her late husband, the Rev. Dale Federwitz served as missionaries for over 40 years with Lutheran Bible Translators.

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Pastors Wives

Faith’n’Family – Vocation: Pastor’s Wife (Rebroadcast)

With guests Becky Filipek, Carrie Ill, Nicole Simek, and Sally Handrick.

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13 Reasons Why

Faith’n’Family – LCMS Resources: “13 Reasons Why”

With guests Rev. Mark Kiessling, Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford, Hannah Leftwich, and Jamie Walters

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