His Time – Worldview Watch: Historically Speaking

Concordia Historical Institute 

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Historically Speaking, hosted by the Concordia Historical Institute. Learn more at ConcordiaHistoricalInstitute.org and facebook.com/LutheranHistory.

The summer reading books referenced in today’s episode are:

Brand Luther by Andrew Pettegree: amazon.com/Brand-Luther-Unheralded-Europe-Reformation/dp/1594204969

Church Bells in the Forest by Theodore Graebner: amazon.com/Church-Bells-Forest-Lutheran-1840-1850/dp/B019KNCBZY

Servant of the Word by August Suelflow: cph.org/p-2890-servant-of-the-word.aspx?

Ebenezer by W. H. T. Dau: amazon.com/Ebenezer-Reviews-Missouri-Quarters-Century/dp/B0011126YU

Luther the Reformer by James Kittelson: amazon.com/Luther-Reformer-Story-Man-Career/dp/0800635973


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